Tattoos By Jay Maniakal

Bio: My name is Jay Maniakal,... my career in the tattoo industry started in 2005 in my home town of Bensonhurst Coney Island Brooklyn. My roots were always graffiti and comics until I realized skin was my calling canvas. I was quickly thrusted into the high volume fast pace of the nyc tattoo street shop and always knew I wanted to create more and duplicate less. Eventually after several years experience I began to really hone my craft and began to develop myself as more of a custom designer.            

With serious passion and drive to produce quality tattoos for those who appreciate our wonderful gift of body art. Today I reside and work  in New Jersey here at Inklightened tattoo with a mind set more passionate and creative than ever. 
                                                                                                                                             :Jay Maniakal 
Schedule: Tues- Sat 12-8pm