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   $150 minimum.

 Hourly rate for large pieces is
200.00 Black & Grey or Color.

Deposit for custom work 50.00 - 100.00
 Consultations are free.

By appointment only.

Taxes are not included.


Eyebrow set -700.00
Touch- ups 250.00-350.00

Eyeliner set (upper) 400.00  (lower) 300.00

Lip liner 400.00.      Full lips  700.00

Consultations are free.

By appointment only.

Taxes are not included



*Some piercings are dependent on the client’s anatomy and may not be done. If you are unsure, please come in for a free consultation.

*If you have a medical condition we may require a doctor’s note before piercing you. Please call ahead to make sure if a note is needed.

Jewelry included in piercing prices-   (taxes not included)

Acceptable forms of Identification are: State issued Driver's License, State issued Identification Card, Passport, Military Identification, Resident Alien Card/Green Cards. Must be 18 years of age or older and all Identifications MUST BE Current and Valid.


Minors must have a parent or legal guardian present to be tattooed/pierced/have jewelry changed/have piercings stretched. You must also provide proof of relationship (birth certificate).

  1. Any of the forms of acceptable identification listed above from both parent and minor are to be provided. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. A school issued photo ID  AND a birth certificate are acceptable identification for minors younger than 17.


  1. If the parent has a different last name or address than the minor then legal documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers, adoption papers, etc.) must be provided to verify the relationship.

  2. If the legal guardian is not the parent, the adoption papers must be provided to verify the guardian’s legal right to sign for the minor.

  3. If you are coming in with your 2 months-12 year old child for earlobe piercings, we only require the birth certificate for the child and the parent’s ID. Not all piercers will pierce children younger than 10, so if you plan on bringing in your own for ear piercings, please call ahead.


  1. 2 months – 12 : We will only pierce the earlobe. Nothing else.

  2. 13+ : We will pierce most common piercings (navel, lip, cartilage, nose, etc).

  3. 16+ : In addition to the above, we will also pierce a tongue.

  4. No nipple or genital piercings for minors. 

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